Sailing your restaurant through the Monsoon

The Rainy season has finally settled into a pleasant mode. The atmosphere remains cool and the sunshine is very mild. Monsoon definitely affects the restaurant business. This weather presents an extra ordinary opportunity for restaurants and cafes to engage some more customers. It can be quite tricky to get people to come over as the intensity of the showers can differ. You can keep the business working well by introducing fresher ideas.

Its Raining Offers :
Monsoon is a witness to many offers from retail and other sectors. You can introduce a variety of discounts and offers. This can be the moment where you can give meals that are value for price. You have quite some options for the same. You can introduce some combo meals, offer a small percentage of discount on the total bill or even offer a complimentary dessert or a drink on the order. If you want to be more creative then you can launch a new menu that is special for monsoon. Promotions and discounts can give a definite boost to your dwindling sales in Monsoon.

Monsoon Special Food:
Monsoon has a tendency of making the weather quite dull. The sky is overcast and the roads are wet. Delicious food options can definitely lighten up such a day. The food can be centered on a monsoon theme to keep things fresh. You can keep different combinations of food that can aid in keeping monsoon as enjoyable as possible. Hot, spicy and steaming food is much preferred in such a time. You can introduce a variety of snacks, main course and even special desserts during monsoon.

Keeping food hygienic :
Monsoon can be a magical time, however it is also the season where rate of infections can be quite high. There is the general cough, cold and mild flu infections amongst people. However, there is also a higher chance of contacting a more dreadful disease. You can completely avoid the same by providing clean food. The ingredients, the kitchen, the utensils and the staff must maintain an exceptional degree of hygiene. You can also keep a repellant to ensure that no insects enter your premises.

Ensure home delivery
Monsoon can be quite taxing for people as travelling can be difficult. Home delivery can definitely improve the chance of generating more business. You can decide the distance up to which you can deliver the food. Always keep a few more people involved for food delivery. You can always train some of your staff for emergency home deliveries.

Keeping Guests busy:
When the rain pours heavily and your guests are stranded in your hotel, after their meals, you can always keep them involved in an activity. You can keep some board games, card games and small indoor games so that they can spend some quality time. This will leave a very positive impact on your guests and raise your hospitality standards to a higher level.

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