Top 5 Misal Pav Joints in Nashik

Misal Pav is considered as a staple in Maharashtra. The Misal in Nashik is simply phenomenal. Misal Pav is often considered as a complete meal. The dish consists of a spicy ussal preparation. It is served with spicy curry. This ussal is topped with finely chopped onion, coriander. Some shev is added at the top too. The ussal is companied with fresh baked pavs. Misal can be quite spicy and hot, to take some heat off, a bowl of curd and a slice of lemon is also provided. The Misal gets a different texture with the help of papad served with it. This humble yet colourful dish is a decadence of flavours.
Misal Pav is obviously popular due to a burst of flavours it provides. Besides, it is quite filling. Due to this, misal has become a well known option for breakfast, brunch and even lunch! Misal Pav in Nashik is quite extra-ordinary. Read ahead, to check out the top 5 Misal Pav outlets in the city.

Sadhana Restaurant
Gangapur-Satpur Link Road
Sadhana Misal is the place to be if you want to sample the famous ‘Chulivarchi Misal’! The misal has a slight smoky, earthy flavour that gives it the ultimate edge. The misal here is spicy without being too hot, the balance of flavour is always perfect. The entire place has an ambience of fun, food and frolicking good time.

Tushar Misal
College Road
Tushar Misal is frequented by college students and even by working professionals. The red curry Misal,one of the spiciest version, is the most popular Misal Pav in the city. This outlet has been serving Misal Pav since a long time and is often full. The weekend is the busiest time for the outlet.

Shree Krishna Vijay
Gangapur Road
Shree Krishna Vijay has an indoor as well as an outdoor seating. It has been serving Misal Pav since more than two decades.  This Misal Pav has some pohe sprinkled on top to add a dimension to the flavour profile. The result is a richly flavoured, thick Misal that is favoured by many.

Owara Pure Veg

Owara Pure Veg is known for its Nikhara Misal! Here the Misal Pav is served with a piece of charcoal place in the middle of the Misal to give it an intense flavour. There are two types of Pav available here, a regular Pav and a Raji Pav (for health conscious Misal fans)

Shamsundar Misal
Satpur –MIDC
Shamsundar is one of the oldest Misal Joints. The quantity available here is value for money. Shamsundar was earlier frequented by workers from the industrial area. However, the lure of the misal made after blending 60 spices brought everyone to the outlet! This outlet has been in the business since more than 30 years now and continues to rise in its popularity.

There are plenty of food outlets in Nashik. New Outlets keep opening and the old ones keep re-inventing themselves. It is quite difficult to keep a track especially when you want to explore the city in search for a given cuisine. Find a outlet you want by checking Hotels of Nashik.

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